Young Athlete


Sport rehabilitation program
for competitive youth.

Young Athlete

Sport rehabilitation 

for competitive youth.

At Cornerstone we are proud to support Burlington and Oakville’s young athletes
with an innovative program designed to make elite sport rehab accessible to developing athletes.

To achieve success as an athlete many factors need to line up perfectly. It requires a supportive family, great coaching and passion for your sport. One often overlooked element for young athletes is access to the best possible rehabilitation. It is so disappointing for an athlete when they have worked hard to achieve success only to have their bodies fail them. At Cornerstone we ensure that our young athletes have every opportunity to compete by anticipating problems before they arise, and providing world class treatment when they do.

The Young Athlete Program is led by Kate Pratley.

An experienced physiotherapist with extensive training in orthopaedics, paediatrics and sports. This unique combination of expertise gives her a deep understanding of what our young athletes are going through, how to prevent injuries or safely return them to sport.

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Here is what you can expect from the Cornerstone Young Athlete Program:

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth A Pound of Cure

Our experienced physiotherapists can assess an athletes risk, and provide ways to minimize the chance of a season ending injury. By looking at a young person’s functional strength, mobility and body control, then matching it against the demands of their sport, we identify areas that need improvement to create a well rounded athlete.

Expedited Access to Care

When one of our young athletes goes down, we know how important it is to get them assessed asap. We make it a priority to get you started on the road to recovery as soon as possible. We will take referrals into the program from physicians, coaches, parents or the athlete themselves. Just mention the young athlete program and we will be sure to make things happen quickly.

Communication is a Key to Success

At Cornerstone we believe in keeping everyone informed. That may include a doctor, parents, trainers, coaches and any other valued member of the team. Recovery is faster and easier when everyone understands the limitations and milestones the athlete must achieve as they progress through their rehab.

Smart Planning

We will put together a program that considers all of the moving parts. We can recommend things that the athlete should be doing when unable to practice at full speed. We will provide milestones that need to be met in order to begin each phase of their rehab journey. We believe in keeping the injured athlete fit by using low impact cardiovascular training. This way, when their injury is ready…they have not lost a step.

Outstanding Treatment

When it comes to treating injuries in the clinic, Cornerstone is focused on providing the best experience possible. Treatment will consist of hands-on therapy and focused exercise prescription.  At Cornerstone we firmly believe “if you are not working…’s not working”.

Ongoing Support

We enjoy having a close relationship with our athletes. We consider ourselves a part of the team pulling for their success. If you chose Cornerstone for your rehab needs, we are always available when you need us.

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Our fees

Physiotherapy Assessment$132
Physiotherapy Follow-up Visits$82
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