Medical Acupuncture
in Burlington

Experienced therapists providing effective
Dry-Needling & Acupuncture treatments.



Medical Acupuncture
in Burlington

Experienced therapists providing effective
Acupuncture & Dry-Needling treatments.

Our registered physiotherapists provide Dry-Needling
Acupuncture to the Burlington and Oakville communities.

Why Cornerstone for Dry-Needling Acupuncture?

  • Experienced and registered physiotherapists with dry-needling credentials
  • Clean environment and safe techniques and sterile needles. Patient safety is our first priority
  • We practice medical acupuncture (dry-needling) rather than eastern-style acupuncture
  • Treatments can be combined with physiotherapy for excellent results
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Our Fees For Dry-Needling / Acupuncture

Initial Assessment and Treatment Visit$132
Follow Up Treatment Visits$82

Complimentary 10 Minute Phone Call

We understand that you may have questions about Acupuncture and Dry-Needling.
Call us at (289) 812-0246 to speak with a registered therapist.


Q.  How does Dry-Needling / Acupuncture work?

Dry-needling involves the insertion of a thin acupuncture needle through the skin into muscle tissue that is injured or impaired. Normally, our bodies create inflammation in response to an injury. However, due to a variety of reasons, injured tissue can have this inflammatory process slowed down, or even permanently stalled. Needling this muscle tissue, creates micro-injury to the area which encourages the body to restart or accelerate the healing process again.

This can result in improvements to the tissue and a faster recovery.

Q.  Is Dry-Needling painful?

The majority of patients do experience mild discomfort with dry-needling acupuncture, though it’s generally described as tolerable and short-lasting. This makes sense, given that dry-needling intends to create more inflammation and speed up the healing process. Patients often note a muscle cramping or tightening sensation and the temporary reproduction of their symptoms.

Q.  What are the side-effects of dry-needling acupuncture?

The most common side-effect is the muscle cramping described above. There is also a risk for bruising and discomfort in the treatment area for up to 48 hours following the procedure. Less common side-effects include drowsiness or lightheadedness immediately following treatment; some patients mention sleeping more soundly following an acupuncture session. Extremely rare side effects include fainting, pneumothorax (puncture of a lung), and infection. These can occur in approximately 1 in 10,000 people.

Q.  What’s the difference between acupuncture and dry-needling?

Both techniques involve the use of acupuncture needles that are carefully placed through the skin, into soft-tissue.

Acupuncture looks at the body as a system and uses needles in specific locations to promote positive flow within this system. Chi or Qi is the energy that flows within meridians or channels in this system. Disruptions in this energy flow is thought to be related to dysfunctions and impairments in our body. Acupuncture involves needling specific points with the goal of restoring or improving this energy flow. Needles are inserted and then left in the tissue for 15-30 min.

Our clinic focuses more on the Dry-Needling approach rather than traditional eastern-style acupuncture. Dry-needling involves the identification of trigger points, muscles spasms or other soft-tissue that is experiencing an injury process and promotes healing through the acceleration of the inflammatory process. This western-style medical approach to acupuncture involves quick, repeated needling into the tissue and can often create mild discomfort before and after treatment. We have found significantly better results with dry needling than with traditional acupuncture.

Q.  Does insurance cover dry-needling acupuncture treatments?

Since dry-needling is only performed by registered physiotherapists at our clinic, if you have physiotherapy coverage through extended health insurance, you’re covered! (according to your plan).  Please note that some insurance plans will reimburse specifically for acupuncture, however may require services to be performed by an “acupuncturist”. In this case, you may not be covered. We ask that you check your insurance details with your provider, or call us for more information.

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